The Beautiful Giant Lady

We drove 540km from Ngari to Saga, all on the Tibetan plateau between 4200 and 5000 metres of altitude. Cold and rainy day, a few moments of respite. In the late afternoon appeared in front of usa snowy mountain chain, prelude to the day after leg which should bring us, weather and gravel road conditions permitting, to the slopes of Mount Everest.  Our motorbikes were reduced of some travel bag as since we entered into China, we are escorted with a minivan. This allows us a less strenuous ride, especially at these altitudes.

We did it! We have drove 350 km of which 115 of dirt road, the second half quite challenging with landslide, stones, little rivers to cross, and the rain at the last moment, but in the end, as if by magic, we were rewarded. Arrived to the base point, the clouds that have enveloped all day the Beautiful Giant Lady, Mount Qomolangma in Tibetan, have faded away leaving space to the Majesty of Mount Everest. And our emotion. Tonight, in addition to tea, we give ourselves a well-deserved local beer!

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