The lump in my throat this time is really tight

I did not remember so, ten years ago. Same place, Terminal A of the airport of Brussels, same destination, Milan.But different conditions. This time is harder.
Because after a year and a half of discussions, preparation of estimates, planning, exciting adrenaline takes over, suddenly the emotion, the one that takes your breath away, that prevents you from answering his friend over the phone that says “Good bye, enjoy and have fun, be careful “,” how I envy you “… 
And you are there, with swollen eyes, unable to answer, wheezing just a” Thank you … I’ll write … “.
It’s the emotion of seeing the tears of my children who greet me in silence, suffering the decision I took.
I leave for China. By motorbike. For two months.
Ciao my dearest kids, smile, because in your eyes I will find the strength to bring to fruition this project.
To come back and tell you some stories about people, landscapes, and maybe give you some of this uncontrollable desire to travel and discover the world. 
On the road again ….

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